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The Rules: Basic.

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1 The Rules: Basic. on Sun Dec 12, 2010 11:56 pm


1. This Roleplay is in English.

Please use the language. Don't abbreviate words, try to write in an entertaining fashion, and don't destroy any story by trying to write a 7-paragraph description on how your character draws a dagger. This is a collaborative story effort, so it'd be cool to see it flow like you'd want to read it. Keep that in mind.

2. Please, trust the other players.

The admins will determine what's cheating and what's not. If you have a question, ask us. This is a game about stories, not about winning or losing a fight. We're going to have to be very tight-knit, as I want the universe to focus around a small group of players that must...


This will be probably the most important rule. MAKING SEVERAL CHARACTERS IS ENCOURAGED. If you aren't getting a reply to a thread, it's essential that you play in another one to keep the activity up, so no one will get bored. Feel free to submit as many character sheets as you'd like, we won't get tired of looking at them. I currently am playing somewhere around forty characters that may or may not be uncovered in this storyline. RECOMMENDED POST AMOUNT IS AT LEAST ONCE PER DAY. I understand that we're not perfect and we're not always going to be able to post like this, but checking up at least once a week is essential to keep the story moving and solid.

4. Your character doesn't affect other characters without giving them a chance to react.

This rule is a little complicated to understand. The best way to show it is an example:

Player one: Svulkaine looked at Leon. "Time to learn how to fight." He kicked him in the face.


A correct version would be as follows:

Player one: Svulkaine looked at Leon. "Time to learn how to fight." He threw a foot for Leon's face.

Note how in the second example, this gives player two (Leon) a chance to react before he must take damage or repercussions, while in the first one, Leon doesn't get a chance to react. This is essential because anything that would affect the other character, even in a non-combat situation, is a character-controlling move, and it assumes that the other character can't block. If the other character has a power that he could use, he would use it in a responsive post. If there are questions on this, please contact me in the Help section.

5. Use a proper format.

This isn't as hard as it sounds.

Make sure you keep consistent with your format: dialogue should always be in quotations. italics or underlining or bold is left more to interpretation, but try to use them for the same ideas when posting.

6. Entering and leaving locations.

I want this to be a really specific format so we can always tell:

[Exit x, Enter y]

For instance:

[Exit Dying Light: City, Enter Dying Light: Cathedral.]

Most of the time, it'll be simple enough to discern where you're talking about but if you feel that there's any question, be sure to try and label exactly where you're going.


I know it's tempting to advance the story, and I'm really happy that everyone has so much drive to play in my forum, but at the same time, there is a collective and set history for races and locations in the story, so unless you get approval from me, treat NPC's (non-player-characters, like people in cities or anyone that's not a specific character, like an orc troop) as if they were player characters. Someone will move them, so they have their own turn cycle. If NPC's are controlled, usually it settles on an inaccuracy in the plot, or it completely takes away any challenge from a campaign and replaces it with meaningless hack-and-slash, which, while cool, is ultimately more satisfying if it's harder to do. Usually, NPC's are more intelligent and also stronger than the player characters give them credit for, so try not to do this, please. I hate deleting shit.

If there are any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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