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Character Application

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1 Character Application on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:27 am


This roleplay is a logic-based roleplay.

If you have a power, you must have some reason for having it.

If we decline your character, it's probably because you're too overpowered, or your storyline totally sucks. (it's hard to make a storyline that sucks, but it can happen.)

Please don't be offended if you do get a decline, we should be able to just give you a list of a couple corrections.

PLEASE USE YOUR OWN ORIGINAL CHARACTERS ONLY. This is a user-created universe, and it's going to flow in real-time. It would be a disappointment to have someone's intellectual property going against Naruto to try and figure out how to get a summon. (Don't believe it.)

Character Application!

Name of Player:

Name of your character:

Appearance: (Enough defining characteristics to differentiate you from all of the other probably anime-esque characters in this roleplay. Height, hair and eye color, clothing, any weapons that are visible. Feel free to use a picture if it helps.)

Storyline: (How did your character get where he/she is? Did he/she grow up here? Does he/she have any 'old friends' or 'baggage'? How'd he/she get his powers? Etc. You know the drill.)

Attributes: (Any special powers, weapons, strengths and weaknesses. Good roleplayers won't use these against you unless their character figures them out, so don't be scared of posting a weakness. It's much easier to decide on the outcome of a potential combat situation, even though this roleplay will probably veer away from strict combat for a more social approach.)


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2 Character Application: Svulkaine (Rik) on Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:00 am


Name of Player: Rik

Name of your character: Svulkaine Locke

Appearance: 6'. Gray eyes that flood with red when he's around blood. Black hair, long enough to slightly obscure his eyes, but not too long. Slender, but toned. always grinning. Short fangs. Looks young, early twenties.


(Birth to roughly 20 yrs.)
Svulkaine has a very intricate background. Long story short, He was raised in a human household with a brother and a sister until a syndicate by the name of the Bloodhounds, searching for "blessed children", a semi-human race of beings with powers that could defy physics which triggered based on their will, raided his house, kidnapping his two siblings and killing his father. It was at this point his dormant powers as a blessed child (blood control) awakened, but his current state of mind and body could hardly control them. Using a mixture of his own blood and his father's, he destroyed most of the squad, killing his mother in the process. After this, he suffered from the pushback of using such powers, and fell unconscious in a coma state. He was taken into custody by the Bloodhounds.

(20 - 30 yrs.)
While in their care, he was used for experiments, the goal of which was to determine the source of his powers. Side effects of these, along with the trauma of his accident, transformed his brain into a fear-driven, complicated mess of semi-sanity. However, he was injected with vampire blood, and his abilities were also fine-tuned, relatively speaking. Before they could finish and eliminate him, however, he escaped, running into a world he only slightly knew.

(30 yrs. - 250 yrs.)
Since those days, nothing has been the same for him. Surviving off of people he could charm, running from those that enslaved him, he came across a slew of friends and enemies, encountered his siblings, and decided to travel more, always abandoning his security for the reliability of never being reliable. He spent a long time training his body, and his mind, for preparations of almost anything. Some of this he spent wandering, researching, learning.


Weapons of Choice:
Razor Wire
Fists. He's rather accomplished in the martial arts, having spent a good portion of his life training.

1. Disciplined Body - Svul can deprive himself of one of his five senses to make the other ones stronger. This comes from extensive training, consuming roughly a little less than half his life. Under the same circumstances, he learned martial arts. Using the same discipline, he can do small things to his body, like trigger adrenal glands and speed or slow his heart, or raise or lower his temperature and momentarily suppress pain.

2. Vampiric Reflexes - Svulkaine's body has always been rather flexible and limber, and he uses this as a very large part of his fighting style. His ability to detect movements around his body from about one foot outward is precise, even from his back. His reaction time has quickened to between twice and three times human reaction speed.

3. Blood Control - As a result of Svulkaine's past (look below), he was endowed with the ability to manipulate blood. "Blood" is a metaphysical term, used to describe fluid which carries nutrients through the body, so the composition of the blood really doesn't matter as much as the fact that it is from something that uses it to live (e.g. Dragon's blood and human's blood work the same way to Svul.) He can manipulate the form of any blood within ten feet of him, based on his instinct and will. (This may or may not apply if he is unconscious, resulting in several bad mistakes in his past, but also saving his life many times.) The blood itself acts as a prehensile limb of Svulkaine's, able to become sharp or defy gravity to a degree. (he can make swords, for instance, or levitate it in the air around him.)


Svulkaine is sadistic, impartial, and above all, chaotic to a tee. He's not one for predictable behavior, and this is completely intentional. He's a clearly chaotic neutral alignment, sometimes saving a bus of orphans and sometimes going on afterwards to feed. He's rather charismatic, but also speaks in riddles most of the time. In summary, Svulkaine is a headache. Well, a headache with flair.

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3 Character Application: Leon (Rik) on Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:08 am


Name of Player: Rik

Name of your character: Leon Gamesh

Appearance: 5'7, curly blonde hair, goatee, glasses. looks like a pushover, but usually very happy.

Storyline: Leon's spent most of his life trying to figure out what he truly wants. He was in the Beat Bandits, an organization started by Svulkaine Locke, until he was captured by the Bloodhounds. He was freed by Svulkaine, and now wanders, sometimes following Svul around and sometimes on his own. He's an avid scientist, and can never turn down good research, and this has led him towards good and bad ends.

Attributes: Leon isn't much to speak of in a fighting sense. He doesn't have much power, preferring more to use the knowledge that he comes across to outwit anyone that would go against him. He sometimes wears rollerblades with motors in them that he engineered himself.

Personality: Leon is pretty secure when he's leafing through a book, and usually emphatic about it. He's a little geeky and awkward, doesn't react well to girls, but is inherently nice. He tries not to hurt people, and understands that he will learn much more from the universe with the eyes of a child than the eyes of an adult. He doesn't mind the fact that he often seems younger or less secure because of that.

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4 Character Application: Alyn (Rik) on Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:24 am


Name of Player: Rik

Name of your character: Alyn Locke

Appearance: 5'8", thin glasses, long, dark, straight red hair. Tanned, very good measurements. She's damn attractive and she knows it. Wears a tight, olive-green jacket and an Artificer's Blade (it's a straight sword, medium-short length and slanted to one side) on her back. Usually wearing boots.

Storyline: Alyn is kind of fucked-up. She's Svulkaine Locke's older sister. When their parents were killed, she was kidnapped, and put under control of the Bloodhounds. They sent her after Svulkaine and she did some terrible things, then they released her. She wants to reconcile and as a result has become a nun at the Dying Light cathedral.

Attributes: Alyn has a very particular brand of magic. She is an Arcane Artificer, one who can change wavelengths of particles to become matter she can manipulate. Different energies she draws from do different things.

She's really good with a blade, and has a lot of fighting experience. Being a Blessed child has made her capable of all of this. She was born able to absorb plenty of information while barely aging.


Alyn is seductive. She actually has a sweet side, but it's mostly obscured by her dominatrix attitude. She loves manipulation and watching people suffer, but as much as she likes surface pain, it's only because she likes being able to heal the wounds. Sometimes. It's a control thing.

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5 Character Application For Antio on Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:35 am


Name: Antio Hartlem
Age: 22

Appearance: Antio has a tall yet slender build. He is 6'2" but weighs only 140 lbs. He has Light blue/Gray eyes and has a slightly large pointed nose. He generally dresses in dark clothing (generally tight except for his jacket). The one thing that tends to change is his hairstyle... because of an acute case of OCD (which will be explained later in his storyline) he has trouble keeping it the same but he generally styles it in a modern fashion. the only thing that stays the same about his hair are the Multi-colored strips at the back of his head.

Storyline: Antio was raised in a small town On the outskirts of a city. He lost his mother at age 11 and never knew his father. He acquired an acute case of OCD because of constant scoldings from his mother when he was younger. He lived a relatively normal life until the age of 18 when his town was being "taken over" by a local crime syndicate. He was backed into a corner by a few of thugs and managed to kill two of them with a knife he happened to have on his person and injure the last remaining one. When word of this got back to the leader, he was hunted for some time until Antio Left the town for good. As a publicly known enemy of the ever expanding crime syndicate (now known as "The Cage Kings" he cannot return to his town until he has the strength (or ability) to take down this syndicate. Four years later (current time) he finds himself in Carcen hoping he can finally find the skills he needs to carry out his mission.

Special Attributes: Since he is tall yet slim Antio Can run slightly faster and jump higher than the average man. However his build is also his downfall as a physically stronger person could simply overpower him or knock him off his ground. (I am choosing to not start Antio off with any weapon however he has extensive knowledge and practice with fighting with knives)

Personality: Raised in a relatively small town on the outskirts of large city Antio has seen his share of normalcy and poverty. He Has a general distaste for those who show off extreme wealth and judges them harshly based off of first impression. His mother was the main part of his life before her unfortunate death when Antio was only 11 years old. Following her deaths he tended to follow alot of her old customs, like overcleaning, worrying about his appearance, and an undying will to succeed despite the cost it could bring to him or others. While being a generally good person Antio sometimes has problems differing whats right and wrong, which sometimes gets him into a mess of trouble.

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6 Character Application: Luthier (Rik) on Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:37 am


Name of Player: Rik

Name of your character: Luthier Locke

Appearance: Luthier has white hair, is tall and slender, and usually wears his school uniform. He carries a wooden sword, and a content smile. His eyes are gray with streaks of reddish-orange in them. He stands out visually, and he likes it that way.

Storyline: Luthier spent most of his life in intensive training with his father, Svulkaine. He doesn't know his mother too well, only having met her a couple times throughout his life. He goes to school at the Ashita Academy, getting into trouble casually in his off time. He yearns for adventure.

Attributes: Luthier uses his wooden sword and his natural limberness to fight. He also can manipulate his ki fairly well, using the arts of momentum and focus to actually expel energy from his body in a ball about the size of a soccer ball. He can control it like a limb. Other than that, he's toned, but not very muscled, so he's not incredibly strong.


Luthier inherited his father's chaotic spirit, without any of the inherent fear that went with it. He wears a smile wherever he goes, and likes to stir things up a little bit when he can. Sarcastic but not cynical, he can usually adapt to almost any situation.

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(For the record, the storyline should usually be more complete than this, but since this is part of the storyline of Dilusion itself, approved.)

Name of Player: Dalton

Name of your character: Gex Rezilience

Appearance: The appearence of Gex is not of anything of the ordinary. He's a short little kid (4') with hazy eyes and untamed grey and white hair. Usually he wears a lab coat where ever he goes and a very large back pack, that's almost as big as him. He doesn't carry any "weapons" but he is known to keep an abundance of strange gadgets in his bag. Sometimes a full sized fold out robot.

Storyline: Gex's story is that he doesn't seem to be from this world. Nobody knows where he is from, and why he is so smart. He does not know if he has ever met his parents before, nor does he know how old he is. Because he appears to be a kid, it is only almost safe to assume that he is a kid (which isn't the truth) With no memory of what is going on, he found himself in Carcen, working on a program without any idea what the numbers really mean. To try and get through each day, he usually is hired by the people within the city of 7524 to fix their robots and other mechanical problems, whatever they be.

Attributes: As far as Gex knows, the only power that he has is telekinesis. Besides this he is also telepathic, but in his case he has not realized he can use this ability toward humans and only reads the mind of robots (Yeah, I said it). His natural instinct to be able to fix mechanical things, and anything dealing with electricity or energy has to do with his biology.

Personality: Despite him not knowing his age, he seems to act like a child most of the time, even when dealing with complex equations that he makes to run super computers that he builds from scratch. He can be extremely temperamental and is usually very paranoid when dealing with the politics of Carcen. Another thing that is known about Gex, is that he has a very severe case of OCD when it comes to anything that he builds. (Usually his robots) If anyone shows him a new project or robot, or anything of the sort he becomes very excited, sometimes forgetting his OCD. Over all, he's a very peculiar character.

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(Approved. GOGOGO)

Name of Player: Dalton

Name of your character: Vetiis Zepiel

Appearance: Vetiis is a young man, about 5'8" with long dark red hair, usually tied in a braid pony tail. His attire is usually a suit and tie. His eye color is auburn but in some lights, usually when he is upset is seen to be red. When he is happy, there is rumor that they have seen a glowing blue within his eyes. He is fit with an athletic built and stands with pride.

Storyline: When Vetiis was very young, he was held captive in a tall tower in another Universe's heavens, and was tortured for having a father that was half demon, and half angel. He has never met his mother but is said that she was someone with great importance to both Hell and Heaven, almost like a being of energy that was seen as an oracle, to balance the chaos of the Hell and Heaven's reality. Currently he is a professor at Ashita Academy, where supposedly his father taught as well. He currently teaches about Planes and Reality.

Attributes: Vetiis is known to study Kung-Fu and his weapons of choice are two hook swords and of course his body. He is known to show some signs of demonic form and angelic form, but because he is only a quarter of both, he doesn't bring out the full extent of them. Though his powers from his mother side is the ability to tune into planes of deities and to connect with them, but not known to have any god like powers.

Personality: Vetiis is usually a quiet man who enjoys his space. He doesn't usually talk much, only when he is teaching. He usually gets upset at the mentioning of his father, because he feels abandoned. He is usually very kind to the people who he feels are genuine in stature and have a keen interest on learning.

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9 Re: Character Application on Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:01 pm

(Good character. It's going to be hard to play within the rules though. Approved.)

Player Name: Chelsea
Character Name: Kalpana (called Kal by friends)
Appearence: Standing at 5"6' her long black hair reaches to her knees. Her bangs always need to be cut as they almost cover her dark red eyes, but whenever she cuts them they grow back too fast to make it worth it. Her worn black boots have seen many roads but are sturdy and have many years ahead of them yet. The same can not be said of her black stockings however, which are torn and ripped almost to the point of uselessness. Black shorts fit nicely and allow for easy movement while her black shirt seems new, and maybe a little big but nothing too terrible. An off-white cloack with a deep hood is draped over her slender but strong frame. The bottom is torn and stained with blood from the years. She walks with a golden staff that is 6' tall. The end has a point while the top has the outline of a flame on it that has 8 rings attached to it.
Storyline: Raised in a convent Kal always felt out of place. She loved it there, it was her home, but she always felt as though she did not belong. The other children would be nice and polite but never really played with her. The nuns would give her concerning looks when they thought she couldn't see but would otherwise treat her like everyone else. When she was 12 her home was attacked. Sister Christine had brought her to the back alley and given her the staff. She also gave her a mission. To find a man that had a scar from his left eye down to his chin, almost like a permenent tear drop. Kal left and searched for 3 years. Travel was tough as she had to learn to defend for herself and other people would still avoid her though they did not know her. Finally when she was 15 she found him. He told her of the staff and it's power. That it could only be weilded by someone it deemed worthy. The man held it in his hands and eyed Kal thoughtfully. After a moment he handed it back to her and said that training must begin immedietly. Confused but tired Kal followed him to the mountains. For the next 6 years Kal was trained in martial arts and also in the magic that ran through her veins. The magic of illusions. When 21 the man with the scar disappeared for a week. Kal found his dead body half eaten by animals, but she could still still tell that he was murdered. Thirsty for revenge, she set out on a final journey to destroy those that had taken so much from her.
Attributes: Skilled in martial arts from her training she could take on many a foe, however having only trained for 6 years she tends to rely on her magic to win. Her magic is that of illusions. Being a fast learner she can make one feel/see/hear/taste/smell things that are not there, or even completely change their world. When focusing on a single person (or a very small group of 3 or 4) she can even make the victim not realise their world is different till too late. The more people involved the shorter that lasts and less effective it is. Her prefered weapon is a dagger that she keeps hidden on her back and also even using her staff as a weapon itself.
Personality: Kal is a cold person but when you gain her trust and friendship she will never let you down. Always keeping a promise, and sometimes brutally honest, she will never betray you. She has a soft spot for animals and sweets. Prefering not to talk about herself she can be quiet or mysterious but she does believe wholely in equivalent exchange. Revenge has warped her perspective but the people she has met along the way are opening her up and even make her rethink some of her choices. She is also very stuborn.

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10 Re: Character Application on Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:30 pm

(Also going to be a hard character to play, but approved.)

Player Name: Chelsea
Character Name: Adara
Appearence: Small and slender Lady Adara barely reaches 5'. Her pale skin glows in moonlight and her fair blonde hair falls to her lower back. Her hair however is almost always up in messy and low bun, held together by red ribbon and pearls. Bangs fall below her cloudy eyes that can not see and side bangs frame her delicate face. She wears a white dress that gently carresses thr ground when she walks. The dress is backless and elegent with red outlining the front and with three red ribbons crossing her back. She also has red and white ribbon around her waste that has two black crosses on black string with black beads at the end that fall from the red ribbon to hang upside down. A black choker wraps around her neck with the same black cross on her chest. She has a tattoo on her left sholder and right mid back. They are a mix of swirls and dots. The reason for them being there has never been explained to her.
Storyline: Being blind from birth she was forced to live a sheltered life. Her mother died giving birth to her so she has no siblings. Her father was a very wealthy man that lived in an old mansion in a secluded place. Strange things always happen around her and she never gets any explination. Used to it by now things barely phase her. She can describe her home and the land around it to you perfectly even though she has never truely looked upon them herself. She sees with more than her eyes will always be her response. Her father died when she was 16 and being the only heir everything went to her. Staying in the same place people come to her and treat as an oracle. Content with her way of living she has only one regret, that so much about herself is a mystery to her. She hopes one day someone will come to her that will have answers for her.
Attributes: Being blind her other senses, especially hearing, are all improved. She can also see parts of the future when she touches someone hand. The reason is not known but she suspects it has something to do with her tattoos as they always burn a little when she uses it.
Personality: She is quiet and kind and always willing to help. She wishes to experience the outside world but can not bring herself to leave her home on her own. Fearful of the stories she has heard of it but also too comftorable in her own way of life she stays where she is. She will not lie to anyone, unless it is for their own good. Very easy going and always polite she is still not a thing to be trifled with. She does have many people around her to protect her at all times, though she can not fight herself. She has a love of flowers, especially roses and can almost always be seen holding a rose.

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11 Re: Character Application on Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:30 pm

(Awesome. Approved.)

Player Name: Mikael
Character name: Gilrim Ironshatter
Appearance: Gilrim is a dwarf from a far away land. He is short and just about as wide as he is tall. But he is built like a stump, his body mass being mostly muscle. He has wirey red hair, with spots of grey starting to show. A long braided beard reaches almost down to his belt. He is never seen without his trusty axe, a family heirloom with a handle the as tall as him, and a single-edged curving blade probably as big as his torso.
Storyline: Gilrim is a Dwarf-lord. Thane of the Baewar clan, holding a seat on the Warcouncil of the mountain of Thaxanos. He was raised from birth as a warrior, as any true dwarf is. His potential was realized when he was born with his beard already growing. Among the dwarves this is a sure sign of a future leader. So his father and mother (because everyone knows dwarf women are just as tough as dwarf men) bred him as a creature of war. He trained most of his young life in his family's estate.
When he was only fourty (quite young for a dwarf) his father, the previous Thane, fell in battle fighting off the ravaging hoardes of goblins that invaded the dwarven captial. This was devastating to Gilrim, as he was very close with his father. But it also forced him to take up his father's seat on the Warcouncil at a young age almost unheard of.
He served as Thane through times of peace and war alike, for many years. But never had such a battle had the dwarves seen when the renegade magi Azrengr came upon thier mountain. He animated the corpses of his fallen foes, and when struck all weapons passed through him like mist. He was the most formiddible opponent they had faced in over a thousand years.
The time finally came when Azrengr reached the sturdy stone gates of the Thane's Hall. With a single wave of his staff, the doors crumbled like weak clay, and the Mage and his minions were upon the hall. Gilrim fought with his loyal guards, striking down many a foe. In the battle, his axe managed to taste Azrengr's flesh, as it was an ancient weapon of magical making, it did not pass through the Mage. This enraged Azrengr, and he cast a vortex, sucking Gilrim in. This is how he comes to find himself in this strange new land...

Attributes: Weapon of choice: A huge axe of ancient dwarven craftsmanship
Battlerage- Being a dwarven Berserker, he is able to enter a state of rage which greatly increases his speed and strength. It also numbs his ability to feel pain, which can also be his weakness, for he is unable to tell when he has been injured too much to continue.

Personality: He is just like any other dwarf. He is quite gruff, and often times drunk, vulgar, and violent. He has a tendancy to be very rude towards strangers, But he's a pretty nice guy once you get to know him. Like many other dwarves, he holds a very high sense of honor, and does not take insults lightly.

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12 Re: Character Application on Tue Dec 14, 2010 1:22 am

(Let's hope Rory can remember the basics of CQC. This isn't going to be a huge scientific debate of a roleplay, so just keep that in mind. I say that because your sheet is so specific comparatively. Well made, and approved!)

Name of Player: Billy

Name of your character: Rory Maclaren

Appearance: Rory is a twenty-three year old Scottish American citizen. He has short length black hair and a goatee. The hair of his goatee is mainly black with orange hairs spotting through it, as well as some white ones. Standing six foot two inches tall he’s above average in height. He weighs two hundred and fourty pounds and is of a muscular athletic build. His eyes are polychromatic meaning the color of the iris can shift shade and hue, also pigmentation along a similar spectrum. They are mainly stone blue however.

Storyline: Rory was born and raised in Manhattan, New York. His grandparents emigrated to America from Scotland in the late nineteen-sixties. When his father was born he joined the American military. His father was stationed overseas in Britain. His father was an intelligence officer and encryption specialist. This is where his father had met Rory’s mother. A British engineer working on the base. It was a cliche love story, boy meets girl, boy falls in love, girl leaves country with boy.
When Rory was rather young only three he had already learned how to read. This intrigued both of his parents so they decided to start teaching Rory more and more things. At the age of five his parents bought him mechanical model sets. And this started his obsession with engineering and technology. At the age of twelve Rory had won the Westing House Prize. But as with all smart kids he was picked on and ridiculed so his dad being a military men started getting Rory into more physical things. Football, Hockey even Volleyball. Rory had actually enjoyed playing sports so he did make some friends because of it and people started to just accept him as an athletic nerd.
By the time he had entered high school Rory was a start football player and a straight A student. At the age of seventeen following his fathers footsteps he joined the military. He had signed up for the marines. He graduated from boot camp and because of his fathers reputation he got Rory put into military R&D. His brilliant mind caused him to rise rapidly through the ranks. He was also going to college which because of that he was put into officer candidate school. He graduated a 2ndLieutenant. He graduated with a double degree from MIT in engineering and physics.
At the age of twenty Rory was made a member of a team on a joint venture between the Japanese and American governments for experimental technologies. Part of the reason for Rory being put on the team was he was multi-lingual. He could speak Japanese, German,Russian, Spanish and even taught himself Latin. Rory had moved to Tokyo to help with the project. He actually applied for a substitute teaching job at a local high school helping exchange students and military brats learn Japanese. He also subbed as a science teacher.
Rory had taken a liking to a certain student by the name of Lukas Morgenstern. Part of the reason why was he stood out and was rather intelligent.
Rory had been giving him private lessons helping teach the boy Japanese. Lukas had told Rory about what had happened to him. Rory had told him he was working on a teleportation device and Lukas had volunteered to be the first to try it. During the test something went wrong . Rory doesn’t know exactly what, a miscalculation, a tiny calibration mis-hap he doesn’t know but the device overloaded and the field had also caught Rory. Both him and Lukas were transported to an unknown alien world and right now Rory is only trying to find a way to get them home.

Attributes: Rory had spent most of his life enhancing his mind and body, with studying, and especially his military background. Being in experimental R&D Rory was given special privileges with his own personal projects. He had fashioned himself a few things he always kept on his person, mainly because he was a bit paranoid.
The first of these is a sword, but it’s not an ordinary sword. The blade is crafted from 1090 Carbon Steel. He chose this for it’s extremely high tensile strength at .84 GPa (122,000 PSI) and it’s extremely high yield at .64 GPa (67,000 PSI) The blade is thirty two inches in length and an inch and a quarter in width. At it’s thickest point it is just over a quarter inch. He crafted it like a ninja-to because he had always been an anime fan and thought ninja-to’s looked cool. Even though they are fictional swords more or less. The hilt is made from high grade ABS plastics and the blade is full tang. However inside of the hilt he crafted a small ultra sonic generator effectively crafting a vibro blade. Because of the ultra sonic frequencies traveling through the blade it doesn't appear to move however it is capable of slicing through Osmium like a hot knife through butter. The blade itself doesn't really make contact. On a nano level the ultrasonic frequencies start to shatter molecular bonds. Now because the blade is actually the focal point for the frequencies it is unaffected by them.

The next thing he crafted were actually muscular implants for soldiers on the battle field augmenting and enhancing their abilities. Of course Rory wanted the first working ones. His prototypes were a bit higher end because you always craft something from the best then work backwards for cost effectiveness. The implants are placed in the bodies major muscle groups. (If a list of the bodies major muscle groups are needed I can provide one.) At their most effectiveness they can increase a subjects natural attributes by 100% or twice that of what they should be. This also includes circulatory and respiratory system. They work by increasing the bodies removal of the lactic acid build up in real time. They inject a compound that neutralizes the lactic acid. This causes a great increase in a persons endurance allowing them to continue strenuous physical activity for a much longer time. They also send signals to the adrenal glands to produce up to a maximum of three times the normal amount of adrenaline. This also causes ones fight or flight response to be incredibly heightened and give ones reflexes a much faster response time, this is most notable if one had the implants the world would seem to slow down around you. Because of this the circulatory and respiratory system are able to keep up pumping oxygenated blood faster through the body and causing the lungs to increase the amount of oxygen imbued into the red blood cells. The physical increase is very noticeable. They cause the proteins of the muscles to become more tightly grouped together. This causes a great increase in physical strength beyond that of Olympic level. However the implants are connected to the bodies own nuero-electrical system. They act like a voluntary muscle system and in this way they never break down, but are subject to the same types of needs. A person with out the implants normally needs six to eight hours of sleep to fully recover and two thousand calories on average. A person with the implants needs eight to ten hours of sleep and roughly five thousand calories a day. That is because the implants are charged by the bodies own electrical system. The energy created by calories and electrolytes fuels the implants. It’s like if an athlete didn’t eat enough or get enough sleep he wouldn’t be at peak performance, the implants work the same way.

Rory also has a pair of Kevlar gloves, mainly because it’s a rather strong and lightweight material.

As for his martial prowess, Rory was trained as a marine.CQC combat is second nature to him.

Personality: Rory is a rather easy going kind of guy. He is a bit paranoid from being a marine, this comes from being shot at, a lot. He is intelligent and quirky and can sometimes be caught talking to himself, but no real mental issues. He does however have a real short temper, this once again stems from being trained as a marine and being shot at, a lot.

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13 Re: Character Application on Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:50 am

(Love it. Nice to have you, Saito. Approved!)

Character Application!

Name of Player: Rocco

Name of your character: Saito Sozen

Appearance: Saito appears to be in his late twenties. His chin has a stubble, his eyes are of a strange gray color. Straw hat atop his head, a cloak about his shoulders, crimson sash wound at his waist, one old katana tucked firmly into it (left side). Underneath the cloak is a brown aloha shirt with tapa design prints. He's got pants, too. Regular pants I guess? Something that would go well with sandals. He's also got a tattoo called the pe'a that goes from his stomach to his knees and all around. This is a traditional tattoo given to males of a Samoan community. It means that he has learned the old tongue, a language of metaphors spoken by elder Samoans.
Storyline: So Saito was rowing along in his hand-made canoe from the shores of Japan, from the island of Okinawa. I'm not quite sure if he was born there, but that's not important. He sailed for years through the pacific, stopping at different islands, taking in their strange cultures. At one point he thought of living on one of the islands, an island in Polynesia and known for their invention of the tattoo. This is the island of Samoa, coconut trees and bananas on sale at every market place. Pretty chill, pretty hot and humid though. He had found a patch of land that apparently nobody owned and upon that land he worked. From taros to tomatos to coconuts to pineapples he planted them day in and day out. The strength of the earth embedded in his hands and shoulders, he had grown accustomed to difficult work upon the mountainside of his patch of land. The people who lived in his village referred to him as Iko (ee-koh)and commended him for his ability to work from sun up to sun down without so much as a break. The people in the village were superstitious and believed in the pacific God of the sea, Tagaloa, who is said to have had walked on the great ocean and at his footsteps the many islands sprang up from the ocean's floor. They believed Iko to be a Deity of hard work, the God of taro. They tried to give Saito presents and some of the crops from their own lands, but he would never except, knowing for a fact that he was no God at all. This went on for some time until the village shaman came over to his little shack and prayed at his door for seven nights holding a gift at her knees. The shaman was an old lady well known for her prowess with the islands spirit. She believed that the islands possessed a sort of natural power within it, and from this power she implanted it into an old Katana brought over from the villages navigators and voyagers, since a large amount of Samoan and pacific culture revolved around the navigation of the pacific and the trading of ideas. She had pulled a rogue spirit that was harming her own family's plantation, and sealed it within this sword. She didn't know what this spirit was or where it came from, but she suspected that it came with Saito when he first arrived, that he brought a certain evil from a foreign world and let it grow on this island. She sought only to return what was rightfully his, the Deity of good taro. He caved, having seen her wait outside his door for seven nights as hard as he tried to shoo her away, so he took the sword. Upon first grasp he felt it, a quivering in the sheath, a power like thunder without sound that moved through his limbs like blood and mixed with Saito's inner strength. When she left, Saito felt the strangest urge to go on a journey, to explore. And so he did. A century has passed since those days and he hasn't returned to his plantation. The sword and him have had a long past together, but strangely the sword keeps him from aging, it's power constantly coursing through, constantly controlled by the old samurai for fear of what had happened when he let the sword take full control of him. Nowadays the battle of sword and samurai have simmered down, but the urge to explore has brought him here of all places. How? I've no idea, but he is.
Attributes: He has the ability to focus his inner strength and manipulate it for either defense or offense. This includes within and outside of him. His sword skills are honed throughout the decades hes been alive, so hes got a lot of technique working for him. There lays a demon in his sword (Cliche? Whatever.), but it's has chilled out into just a sentient stoner spirit within the blade. It aids him in many ways. Uhhhhh...other than that, hes got a lot of stamina from planting all of those god damn taros and tending to them.

Personality:Pretty chill, likes mangos and kava. And weed. And flaming hot cheetos. Doesn't like to fight much, but he can. Doesn't like to argue much either, life is too long to be wasted on bickering.

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(Little iffy on time-related powers, but I like this character. I think you nerfed him just enough so he's passable. Approved!)

Name of Player: Alec

Name of your character: Loret, The Wandering Minstrel

Tawny brown hair of a medium length parts in the front at the middle of his forehead. Most of Loret’s hair is covered by a hood of an old brown traveler’s cloak faded and torn by the passage of time. White cloth like bandage wrappings loosely covers the lower half of his face from his nose down past the chin covering the neck and joining the rest of his outfit. A scar passes from the eyebrow on the right side of his face down through the eye and continues down but is covered by the white cloth.

However, there does not seem to be any damage to the eye. Loret’s eyes are sea foam green, soft and pale they speak of age and pain. His skin is a creamy light tan smooth and soft from what can be seen. His body is covered by a patchwork menagerie of cloth held together by strips of tattered white cloth interspersed seemingly randomly throughout the skin tight jumpsuit like attire.

The cloth is mostly earth tones browns, light and dark, darker greens, with some bits of purple, pale reds and yellows as well. Each piece seems to be of a different make and material. His footwear is seemingly attached to the rest of his outfit; of a simple make with a bottom made of parallel horizontal grooves.

A similar white cloth like bandage wrappings also cover his fingers from the middle knuckle out to the tips. At the middle knuckle the white cloth meets fingerless dark blue gloves that go up to the beginning of his wrist before giving way to the jumpsuit-like outfit. Loret is thin but lithe and the muscles are clearly defined and distinct. His appearance is that of a young man in his mid-twenties.

Loret has various pieces of his past and memories. Even he is not certain how long he has lived or all the places he has been. Snippets here and there give him some pieces of his own abilities and what has happened to him. He remembers a life he once had in a small village near the woods where he was a local musician playing his lyre and telling stories to the villagers. He lived in a small cottage a ways outside of the village. It was peaceful and nice if only for a short time.

The next part he has is of the village being set aflame. Many of the people are being attacked by what appear to be an organized group by they military or bandits Loret didn’t know, he didn’t care. All he knew is that something had to be done. He took a bow from his wall, which he probably used for hunting, and a short sword. With these he went and tried to help the villagers fend off these marauders.

Then things become blank for a time and next he knows he is trapped in some godforsaken place. He recognized the outfits as the same as the marauders that attacked the village he lived in. How long he had been there he could not tell. Everything was a daze, they seemed to be testing him, experimenting, as if he was something special but what was it they found?

The next set of memories is of being in a cell in this same place. Some of the others were talking around him and one seemed close to him. Shortly thereafter there was a commotion and stone flying and soon himself and many of the other prisoners were escaping. He and the one close to him made it out and to a place apparently north. Those marauders were apparently an organization known as the Bloodhounds from what he remembered hearing in this new village.

Then suddenly Loret of the past was in an entirely different land training. It seemed to have been some time since the incidents with the Bloodhounds. It was different from many other places and here his master taught him martial arts and how to use the energy of the body, also called ki, to augment his physical abilities. Although this did not last long as it seemed the Bloodhounds were after him for some reason.

There are other places, other lands, other people but nothing seemed to strike as closely as these parts. He lived as a vagabond, a thief, and used his skills in music and storytelling to work his way by and continue living. Moving from place to place when it seemed the right thing to do or because someone was after him.

In the last decade he came to the southern lands of Q’alba and in this land Loret found more of himself. He stumbled upon Centrum Tower, here he found magic and he was fascinated by it. In attempting to see if he had any such ability he had a flood of memory and rediscovered his own abilities. A very unique thing, chronomancy, he could manipulate time. Loret realized more of who he was and for fear of the interest many of the sorcerers would take in his abilities he immediately left Centrum Tower and continued on his journeys.

Now he continues to travel from place to place, trying to find more of himself, escape those after him, and uncover any secrets of the world he can along the way.

Ki augmentation:
Ability to manipulate his own energy to increase his speed, strength, dexterity and reflexes.

Using this gives his physical abilities a general boost.

Ability to manipulate time, however, Loret is only able to manipulate his own time or that of smaller objects [darts, arrows, small rocks, daggers, etc.]. He can also manipulate his own time speeding or slowing himself down by a few seconds.

His right eye can also see a few seconds ahead.

Although something Loret is accustomed to he cannot simply stop seeing a few seconds ahead with his right eye, which distorts his vision. It is not constant but happens sporadically. Loret does not control what he sees and when.

Due to the effects of his own innate time distortion Loret does not age naturally. This does not mean he can’t age if somehow forced to but as he is now he simply stopped aging around his mid-twenties.

A small bow generally used to catch food
A wakizashi [a gift from his mentor who taught him how to use ki]

Quick reflexes
Musically talented and a charismatic storyteller
Strong sense of hearing

Trusting [unless there is a blatant reason not to]
Not good at detecting lies and/or people’s motives
Much of the time oblivious
Vision distorted so his perception is off
Easily set off if someone hints at knowing something about his past

Other Belongings:
A book of stories that he found again that he recognizes as important to him but cannot remember why

Loret can be a colorful amiable idiot in a tavern getting a crowd going with a funny story or a serious poet telling a powerful romance of star crossed lovers. He is generally reserved and not very talkative, if he does usually it sounds in some manner parts of a poem still to be written.

But given the right situation he can be the very center of attention. Due to his general lack of attentiveness to his surroundings he tends to remain blissfully ignorant of many things. Despite this if he did see a crime he would not let it go unnoticed nor unpunished. Although at times he has been a thief himself he has his own code and set of morals.

Brooding and introspective Loret knows there are still many pieces to the puzzle of his past that are missing and he feels compelled to find. As if there is something important that he needs hidden away within them. He seeks to find himself and find a way to resolve everything.

I am but a bard who lost his companions. A traveler, alone and caught in the sands of time. They the march of time stops for no one. I wonder if that is true for me…

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Name of Player: Rik

Name of your character: Jules Chamberlain (The Irreverent Reverend)

Appearance: Roughly 6', dark hair, handsome but rugged. Almost always wearing priest robes and boots underneath them. He looks in his late twenties. Other noticeable factors include the flask slung on his hip, the several pouches at his waist and on his chest, and probably a cigarette hung from his mouth. He looks like he doesn't get much sleep. He'll usually carry an exorcism staff around, tall with a large gold cross at the top, surrounded by a ring and pierced with several small gold rings all around it.

Storyline: Jules was inducted into a convent at a very early age, so it's all he's ever really known. The problem was, unlike most of his friends, Jules had a hard time taking for granted everything the fathers and sisters said. Needless to say, he had a rather hectic time trying to fend his way through the repeated beatings and lessons. At long last, his main convent sent him off to the cathedral in Dying Light, a place where they thought no one would ever have to deal with him again. He was perfectly fine with that, finally having a place to conduct studies unmonitored that would be considered entirely blasphemous if the church ever knew. As a result, he's familiar with most kinds of magical things, and takes a little bit from every religion. Ironically enough, he's developed a sort of skepticism from it. He currently works with Alyn Locke, trying to aid the people of Dying Light.

Attributes: Jules is versed in most types of charms, magic, and religions. He uses an array of magical scrolls and charms to conduct his exorcisms, even though his personal magical ability is very minimal. He will sometimes recite powerful prayers to do different things. He fights with his staff, mostly, but he's not necessarily a combat-oriented person, so he's a little clumsy. However, his experience in dealing with exorcisms and the like has made him brave and also rather physically fit, so he could hold his own against most average people and magic.

Personality: Jules is a drunk skeptic with a large heart. Despite (or maybe because of) his extensive dealings in magic and charms, he's still not sure if he believes in them, and as a result, will tell people they don't exist. However blasphemous he may be, he always tries to act so as not to hurt anyone, and usually will help if one asks.

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(Approved. Lawl)
Player Name: Chelsea
Character Name: Blake Waters
Appearence: Standing at 5" 8' his short dirty blonde hair is always slicked back and his face always clean shaven. He has a rather feminine face and features but is strong and lean. His electric blue eyes seem to have lightening in them. He wears semi-formal clothes prefering to give off a good appearence. Most often he wears black slacks and a white shirt with a black vest.
Storyline: When born, Blake was the only duaghter, in fact the only child, as her mother died in childbirth and her father never remarried. Ashamed to have a girl instead of a son, he named his child Blake and raised her as a boy. Because of this Blake is very confused as to what gender he actually is and also what his sexuality is. Everyone in his home knows that he is really a she but all pretend that she is a he. It's a very confusing situation as no one talks about it or explains it to Blake. He had always been a troublemaker for this very reason. Prefering to take the more dangerous route to do things. other boys would make fun of him for his feminine face and features so he learned extensive martial arts to prove his masculinity and so no one would dare to make fun of him again. At 18 he become bored with his everyday life at home he decided to go out and experience the world and to learn what he can about who he really is and what his place in the world is.
Attributes: Blake is very skilled in marital arts but only fights out of self defense. He is clever and quick-witted, better when having to think on his feet rather than having actual time to think about it. Very good with his words he will try to talk his way out of a situation before resorting to violence, as close contact with him could reveal his deepest secret.
Personality: Blake is very fun loveing and comedic. However, this comedy is what he uses to cover his own thoughts of confusion and anxiety. When given the choice, Blake will always pick the more dangerous choice as he is a bit of a thrill seeker and can not pass up an opportunity to mess with someone. He is also weak to gambling finding it hard to pass up a bet.

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Joneleth wrote:(Approved. :])

Name of Player: Joseph

Name of your character: Lukas Morgenstern

Appearance: Lukas has an athletic body, with lightly toned muscles. He tends to wear dark or neutral clothes. Jackets, long sleeve shirts, and baggy pants are common attire for him. He also tends to wear skater shoes. When in a social setting, i.e. a club, mall, or similar place, he tends to wear pants that are a bit too long, and are baggy, so that all but the soles of his shoes are covered. They would be longer, but the excess cloth would get caught under his feet and cause him to fall. Along with the baggy pants, he tends to either wear a black zipper-up hoodie, usually open, with either nothing under it, or a black beater.

Due to an accident shortly before leaving his soccer team, Lukas generally walks with a limp. This is due to the fact that just before he was removed from the team, in fact, in his final game, he lost his temper and made a foolish move for the ball, resulting in his leg twisting and tearing a tendon in his left leg. The only other real distinguishing figures are the fact that he gets highlights in his hair, and the fact that he was born with heterochromatic eyes, both of which got him picked on in school in Germany.

Lukas's hair is generally worn short and spiked, around an inch to an inch and a half long, with the tips died blond. He never has facial hair, shaving it daily to prevent such things. Lukas likes his hair, and makes sure every morning that it looks perfect, and to make sure it's all standing up properly.

Storyline: Lukas grew up in München, Bavaria, Germany, living with his mother and father, his little sister Annaliese, and his identical twin brother Wolfram. Lukas was on his school's soccer team since age six, loving the sport more than anything else. Wolfram eventually joined as well, though he wasn't as good at it as Lukas. Both boys realized at a young age that they both liked boys. Wolfram was gay, and Lukas was bisexual.

Lukas discovered this while he was hanging out with a friend from the soccer team, having spent the night at his house. His friend, who that night became his boyfriend, was the first boy he ever kissed. This other boy was also a fan of the whole 'vampire' scene. Because of this, he had a tendency to bite, and on more than one occasion, he bit Lukas. He eventually started leaving marks, and drawing blood, which Lukas found out he enjoyed. Unfortunately, though, Lukas's mother took note of a bite mark on his neck after he came home from the other boy's house. She immediately confronted him about it, and he confessed that he was bisexual. Hearing his confession, Wolfram also confessed, though he confessed to being gay.

Their mother, a devout catholic, felt that their sexual orientations were an intolerable sin, and frequently abused both boys. She even went so far as to remove both boys from the soccer team, claiming they might corrupt the other boys, or that their soccer team was where they had been corrupted.

During the time while their mother was abusing them, both Wolfram and Lukas discovered sword fighting from some friends at school. They gathered what little money they could find, and got the rest from their father behind their mother's back. With the money he'd acquired, Lukas purchased a pair of swords for Wolfram, and Wolfram purchased a pair for Lukas. This was their main outlet of stress and anger during their early teen years. They both developed their own styles of sword fighting, as well. Wolfram's style was paced and even, while Lukas's style was faster paced, and more erratic. Both boys had a plan to run away at sixteen, and move to another country, in order to flee from their mother.

At one point, one of his friends showed Lukas a video of a swordfighter who dipped his blades in tar and ignored them before a fight. Lukas loved the idea, and decided to attempt to reach that level of fighting, using flaming swords. This pursuit led to a general love of flames, seeing flame as a chaotic force that did as it pleased, and envying it's freedom. His love of flames caused him to dislike their opposite, ice, and to eventually fear it, seeing ice as a force that is used to imprison, one that removed freedoms from other substances.

This continued until they were fifteen, when Wolfram finally snapped. At around 2 am on September 9th, 2004, Wolfram killed their mother, 34 year old Adala Abendstern, and their sister, 12 year old Annaliese Abendstern, while their father was on a buisness trip to Nuremberg. He did so to protect himself, and his brother Lukas, from further abuse. Wolfram was tried, and found to be insane, though before he was sent to an asylum, he had bought a ticket for the first available plane, which, in this case, ended up taking him to the USA, instead of Japan, as he'd hoped. The boys' father, 38 year old Carsten Abendstern, killed himself on his wife's grave on September 23rd, 2004, by slitting his own throat and dying of exsanguination shortly thereafter.

When his father died, and his brother fled, Lukas inherited the family home, which he immediately sold. He then used the money to purchase a plane ticket to Japan, expecting to find his brother there. He used the remaining money to rent a small one bedroom apartment, in which he lives alone. He didn't find out until later, upon receiving an email from Wolfram to an old email he'd had since he was twelve, that Wolfram was in the united states, and not Japan.

While in Japan, Lukas was met a man by the name of Rory MacLaren. The man was his science teacher at the highschool he went to in Japan. After the teacher made friends with him, Lukas opened up to him fairly quickly,
who was experimenting with technology he had developed to emulate magic. He personally incorporated a flame-emitting device, which synthesized it's own fuel from the air, into Lukas's swords, allowing them to ignite at the press of a button on the handle. Seeing that the devices he had built into the blades worked effeciently, he created a pair of gloves with similar effect, and gave them to Lukas.

After succeeding at that, the man, with Lukas's assistance, tried to create a teleporter, based on his own personal designs, which, if effective, would have transported Lukas to where his brother was, in New York City. Unfortunately, though, it went wrong, and sent Lukas to another planet entirely.

Before the accident that sent him where he is now, Lukas was trying to learn Japanese, and was taking a course for beginners at his school, in addition to various kendo and other related classes. His intentions were to teach Wolfram Japanese, once he got to Japan as well. Now at age sixteen, his only intentions are simply to return home, unless he finds someone or something worth staying for.

Flame Emitters: The only thing approaching a special ability Lukas has, comes from the equipment he was given. He has his swords, which generate flame, and gloves that do the same thing. Both of the two are based on tech, and not magic, and experimental tech at that.

Strengths: Lukas's main strength is adaptability. After being transported who knows how far across however many galaxies...he's learned pretty quick to adapt fairly rapidly to the majority of the situations he has encountered, and even turn most situations to his advantage, if need be.

Weaknesses: Cryophobia: Due to him seeing ice as a substance whose only purpose is to stop the freedom of other elements, Lukas has become afraid of ice, and the cold...it reminds him too much of his mother.

Personality: Lukas tends to be slow to trust new people, and tends to stay to himself, or with a few friends he's made. He tends to distrust women, because of his mother's actions before he left home. Lukas only really finds himself able to trust men, and is, as one might expect, gay. He hides this pretty well, though, not expressing interest in someone unless he knows they are of a like mind, can be trusted, and are fairly attractive, which means that usually he doesn't flirt, or check out guys, or anything of the sort.

If one can actually get close to Lukas, he is an excellent friend, with sort of a superman complex, willing to do anything short of sacrificing his own life for friends. He hasn't made many friends, though, so there aren't many he'd protect.

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(Approved. I love the power. One thing, though, can you put down something for how he got to the world?)

Name of Player: Holly/Zack

Name of your character: Jiiro

Appearance: A 5'2" 15 year-old male, caucasion with messy dark brown hair and hazel eyes. His ears are slightly pointed at the end and he has one stubborn lock of hair that hangs low on the left side of his face. He's usually wearing a chinese outfit with a black top and brown pants as well as brown and white sneakers. When not wearing these, he's wearing a simple jeans and t-shirt combination. No matter what he's wearing, though, he can always be seen with an arm gauntlet for falconry. He is also occasionally seen with some form of animal, usually briefly before the animal disappears as if never there.

Storyline: Jiiro grew up with his grandfather in a family dojo, his parents having died during the day of his birth (father in car crash, mother in childbirth). He is a martial artist without a particular discipline and often gets attacked by his grandfather at random moments of the day. Though he still goes to normal school, Jiiro often spends afternoons scouring his hometown for wandering spirits (NOT GHOSTS) without a purpose and 'adopting' them. When he was five, he had a brief run-in with a mugger on the street and was very close to death when his grandfather brought him to the hospital. No one knows why he recovered so quickly, but he has seen spirits ever since. He is also an animal lover, and was busy trying to help an injured fox when he met his childhood friend, Shana, who had just moved next door to the dojo. He is unaware of the crush she harbors for him, seeing her simply as a childhood friend from the age of seven. Though he often tells others about his spiritual powers, no one believes him, so he is a bit estranged from the rest of his classmates and is in search of more friends. One particular time, he followed what seemed to be a stag spirit into the forest behind his home only to find a strange dark vortex floating between a set of close trees. Curious, he stepped through and vanished, the vortex closing right behind him.

Attributes: Jiiro is a medium, one who can gather familiar spirits (all animals) and channel their natural abilities into his body to heighten his own abilities. A natural martial artist, he often channels his closest familiar (a hawk with a transparent tail) in order to heighten his sense of timing when in combat. The visible signs of channeling are his eyes changing to the color and shape of the spirit channeled and one body part or another appearing in ghostly form on his body, unseen by those who cannot see ghosts or spirits. The channeling is a last resort, however, since he relies greatly on his own intellect when engaging in combat and channeling puts a large strain on mental power. A knock to the head can entirely disengage his powers, even if it doesn't knock him out.

Personality: On the surface, Jiiro is stoic and unemotional. Though he does occasionally let strangers see his bouts of excitement about animals, most of his emotions are reserved for his close friends and relatives. He talks about his powers as if they are normal, but most people dismiss them as fantasy. When he's having a moment that he can't stand being near people he draws, something he's good at despite his bad grades, or talking with his childhood friend Shana, whom he has a tendency to anger at the worst possible moment, resulting in a large hammer or the back of a sword hitting his head or stomach.

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Name of Player: Rik

Name of your character: John "Shuuzei" Lockheart
Appearance: John is usually dressed in fatigues. He has guns all over his body, usually riding a motorcycle slung with more guns. He's about five nine, brown eyes and hair, with a distinct British heritage. He is a little muscly from his time in the service, but he appears to be starting to age, in his early thirties.
Storyline: John, originally British, was an American Black Ops agent transported along with his little brother by the Transient Mage Crow to the world. He's been rather content with his current circumstances considering the cynicism he built up for Earth politics. He started out working for the Bloodhounds aside Christopher Chamberlain as his rival, but then had a change of heart after chasing down Svulkaine and learning of the pressure the Bloodhounds had instilled on him by manipulating him to fight for the release of his brother, Fenrus. Since then, he has helped to train Ichiru Konagi, and also been living in Gravity City, protecting it from invaders.

Attributes: John carries a lot of guns, and lately, since he's been running out of ammo, he's been using the forges in Gravity city to make ammunition and customize them. He specializes as a sniper, but also is proficient in guerilla tactics. Potentially his deadliest weapon is his tactical prowess. Other than that, he's more or less a normal human. When in Gravity City, he has a near endless supply of resources at his disposal.

Personality: John is rugged. He swears a lot, but always will complete his mission due to his sense of duty. He's personable sometimes, but always concentrating on his current job more than social situations. This can make him awkward to get along with. the one thing he cares about more than his innate duty is his little brother, who he will do almost anything for.

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(Approved. It's gonna be a bit before I post Tatsuya.)

Name of Player: Dalton

Name of your character: Tatsuo Araki

Appearance: Tatsuo is a 14 year old oriental boy, who stands around 5 feet. He wears a yukata and geta (wooden sandles). His hair is a dark brown and his eyes a cold teal. Tatsuo is never one to usually show much emotion, and only truly opens up to his twin brother Tatsuya.

Storyline: Takagimura Village is Tatsuo's and Tatsuya's home. He has lived there all his life and everyone in his village knows the two. Their father passed away from a strange disease they cannot name. Even with all the magic that the village possess, they could not do anything to save him. Though Tatsuo was very well trained in the martial arts, he always seemed to be a bit of an outcast because he had no magic abilities to him. Though his brother did not show any signs of powers or magic, the elders knew that something would change about him soon enough. Tatsuo spent most of his time disciplining himself, and training, hoping that he would bring out the magic within himself to prove to the village that he was strong and like one of them. Though he was an outcast, he trained more then anyone else on the village and was then rewarded with a katana, wakizashi, and tonto, and was the youngest of the village to hold all of these. Many people protested but it didn't matter to Tatsuo, not in the least.

Attributes: Within Tatsuo's soul, rest a dragon made from his aura. The dragon has been manifesting since birth, but isn't able to see just yet by any other, only his brother. Though the connection between twins and the feeling that something whirls inside him are too much alike to distinguish.

Personality: He's cold, and doesn't speak much. He feels that the people of his village find him as a sore thumb and that because he doesn't have any magic abilities, he doesn't belong. He only opens up to his brother Tatsuya, and is the only true person he cares for.

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Name of Player: Billy

Character: Leon Kennedy

Storyline: Leon was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He was actually adopted and raised by his grandparents because his biological mother was too young and the father was unknown. Leon was always picked on as a kid but nothing too drastic. However Leon had always had a special gift he was unaware of, that is until a certain moment. He was thirteen at the time his parents passed away and his gift manifested. Leon was a mutant with an incredible power. He could manipulate and control the sub-atomic particles that encompassed the universe. However his power was limited. He could dis-assemble molecular bonds nor cause great catastrophes, still though he could throw plasma bolts at his enemies, create shields, and on rare occasions increase his speed in a burst format. Leon had lived on the streets his whole life migrating and wandering from city to city, state to state. That is until he ran into one man, Remy Le-Beau. Remy had taken Leon under his wing and taught him the Thieving arts, and martial combat. Leon had normally used a gun but Remy taught him how to use a quarter staff. Leon followed Remy everywhere, he would follow him into the jaws of hell if that's where Remy decided to go. He was unwaveringly loyal to his mentor, his friend, he even considered him like a father. Leon had followed Remy to Xavier's school for the gifted. A school for mutants. Everything was going well for him. He had made some friends, learned to hone his abilities, and fell in love. Leon had met a woman named Emma frost at the school and it was love at first sight. The age difference had a major impact on the relationship but Leon's maturity and wisdom of the world kept the relationship going on for three years. Soon Leon had a choice to stay with Emma and join the hellfire club or stay with Xavier's school. Leon instead took a third option which left him on neutral ground. He refused to choose a side. He still loved Emma but couldn't betray his friends at the school. Emma actually approved of this decision and they continued to have a relationship. However while visiting some friends at the school a certain mutant attacked. Leon was twenty three at the time of Apocalypse's attack. He had watched his friend and mentor die with his own eyes. Picking up Remy's staff Leon was enraged and began to focus his power through it. The adamantium staff acted like a superconductor for Leon's raging power. He had tried to kill apocalypse but instead he had tore open a singularity which thrust him through the universe. Still being warped through it he has no idea where he is going or where he will end up.

Attributes: Leon powers encompass a manipulation and control of sub-atomic particles. These are protons, electrons, and neutrons. Because of this he is very dangerous. Leon is basically a walk arclight gun or nuclear reactor in terms of force and power. The electrical voltage he can generate can sometimes reach the Terra watt range. This however is a rare occasion and can only happen if he is an extreme life or death situation, and even then he may not survive it. Normally his power is in the megawatt to giga watt range. He can also throw up a field of energy either protons, neutrons or electrons to help slow or stop any sort of attack. However if the force of the attack overwhelms the field it will get through and can still maintain lethal velocity, if not he will be terribly injured.

Leon also has an innate telepathic ability the extent of which is simply a heightened awareness and some mental communications with anyone that has some innate psychic abilities.

The only weapon Leon carries is an adamantium quarter staff that was used by his deceased mentor. Leon can use this in conjunction with his power to attack with devastating results. Imagine being physically hit with a bolt of lightning and a metal staff at the same time, not too pleasant.

Personality: Leon is rather easy going and usually soft spoken. A hopeless romantic by nature and a thief by trade some people simply call him a whore. This is not true. It's just the way he acts. He has only ever been in love with one person and her name is Emma Frost.

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22 Re: Character Application on Wed Dec 15, 2010 1:01 am


Name of Player: Billy

Character: Seraph

Storyline: Seraph was born on Faerun. And at a very early age his father had discovered his Psionic abilities. Seraph was immediately thrust into training as a fighter and a psychic warrior, with his father a psychic warrior doing the training. Seraph's father was a brutal yet fair teacher if he saw his son was physically tired he would allow the boy a half days rest, Seraph's mother would tend his wounds and keep the her son's spirits up. by the time Seraph had reached the age of eighteen his training was considered done. This was determined by a test his aging father had put him under. It was simple, best his father in combat, by killing him. The fight was long and bloody with both participants fighting just to hold on to consciousness. But, when all was said and done Seraph had killed his father. This left Seraph a dyed in the wool killer. Cold-blooded, clean, methodical, and thorough. However even with all those years of training and murdering his father Seraphs mother had managed to save some semblance of her son's soul. Seraph had decided to live his life as a privateer, or pirate. Depending on the laws of the current place he was in. One particular assignment Seraph was on landed him between a rock and a hard place. His ship was attacked in the middle of a storm and at the time he was using Psionic dimension door a mage had cast dimension door on him. The result was something no one expected, a door was open alright but it didn't take him to either place instead the mixing energies sent him somewhere entirely new. The only though he had was time to find some people and start asking questions.

Attributes: Seraph is a Fighter being trained in the martial disciplines of swordplay and CQC combat. He is deadly with a sword and just as effective with no weapon at all. He also has powerful Psionic abilities which allow him to increase and augment his already lethal fighting prowess. This stems from years of brutal training.

Seraph uses two long swords that are made from Mythril. They are both Vorpal blades and as such can cut through most anything.

Claws of The Beast: If Seraphs weapon is ever dropped or he is disarmed during combat he can morph his hands into lethally sharp claws.

Psionic Dimension Door: Seraph can open a doorway through the dimensional planes to travel anywhere within a mile of his current location. However this ability greatly drains him and he must rest before attempting it again.

True Venom: Seraph can imbue his claws with a deadly poison. This poison can greatly effect anyone with a weak immune system or constitution. However it is ineffective on any synthetic.

Psionic Sustenance: Seraph can trick his body into believing he has eaten that day, however he can only use this ability in dire circumstances to give him that last bit of strength needed to find food or water.

Dissolving Weapon: Seraph can imbue his sword with an acidic aura which helps to cut through an enemies armor.

Psychic Vampire: Seraph can use this ability on anyone with a will weaker then his. It allows him to leech away a person biological energy and heal himself.

Telepathic Communication: Seraph can mentally communicate with anyone at great distances, however they must have a strong mind to communicate back to him.

Telekinesis: Seraph can lift and move objects up to three hundred and seventy five pounds in weight and with a force up to nine hundred newtons, depending on mass and size of the object.

Personality: Seraph is very calm, cool, and collected. Always calculating, always thinking. He is rather soft spoken and gentle in nature though. However he isn't someone you would want to meet in a dark alleyway. Always watch out for the quiet ones as they say.

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23 Re: Character Application on Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:30 am

(Huh. Sounds cute. =P Approved.)

Player Name: Chelsea
Character Name: Chelsea
Apperence: Chelsea is 5'4" and 120 lbs. She has short dirty blonde hair with dark blue highlights and dark blue bangs that fall just above her eyes but are usually pushed to the side. Her eyes are a light icy blue. She has a slim build. She normally wears dark jeans and a t-shirt with skater shoes. she also normally wears black gloves that cover her hand (but are fingerless) and go down to her elbow. They also have three spikes on the top of her hand and small openings on the top of her arm. She also has noticable scars on both her arms.
Storyline: As a child Chelsea grew up in Simsbury, CT in America. Her home was anything but happy. Her mom was a workaholic and almost never home. Her father worked out of the house but was a drunk so he never really did anything but yell at her and her younger brother and her mom. When she was in 7th grade her family moved to Franklin, MA. Her father became even more bitter after that and almost left a few times. After moving her best friend killed herself and her other best friend died of drug overdose. Shocked by the news she shut herself down and didnt let herself react to it, prefering to shut it out.
High school was an experience for her. She realized she was bi and came out to her family. She fell in love as all teenagers do and was dragged around by the same person for 3 years untill he finally left her and joined the military after graduation. She was almost arrested and taken advantage of while drunk. But she did make many friends and make a difference in the lives of all those she met.
Chelsea had suffered from depression most of her life but it became worse during high school and the time following. After her first semester in college in became unbearable. Her reality statred to fade as she was unable to handle anything that had happened to her on top of her own depression. Thinking it was the only way to save herself Chelsea wrote the hardest letters she had ever written to her family and to her friends. She then stole her brothers car and drove to the perfect place. It was a secluded cliff that overlooked a beautiful beach with many rocks below. As the sun set in the horizon Chelsea jumped. But as she fell she panicked. The closer she got to the water she noticed a bright light. It seemed to jump at her and wrap itself around her. Screaming in fear and pain as it seemed to pour into her skin she closed her eyes. When she opened them . . . she was in a place that only seemed to exist in her dreams.
Attributes: Chelsea has basic training in martial arts but is very skilled with pistols and rifles. She is very good with her words and is intelligent. She is also skilled with energy work, being able to read and feel people's energy even to the point of being able to recognize them without seeing them if they are near her. She can also use her energy to shield herself and force others away if they try to attack her with their own energy. Being in a new dimension who knows how her energy ability has been altered.
Personality: She is a realist who sees the good and bad in everything around her. She has trust issues but once trust is gained it's hard to loose and loyalty is extreme. She does suffer from depression and sometimes feels as if her reality is actually just a dream, however, she will put aside her own feelings for the needs of others and if the situation calls for it. She does have suicidal tendensies and will take dangerous routes to things but she has good common sense. Being very personable people find it easy to talk to her and usually tell her thier life story whether she asks or not. She is also very good with her choice of words and reading body languiage. She is also very sarcastic and a bit on the sadistic side.

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24 Re: Character Application on Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:58 pm

(interesting. I wonder whose friend we are? xP Approved. Should be fun!)

Player name: Cara
Character name: Kariti
Appearance: http://th01.deviantart.com/fs14/300W/f/2007/041/b/9/Wood_Nymph_Ind_10_by_Elandria.jpg

Storyline: Born in the forest of the highlands, Kariti is a 17 year old wood nymph. She lost her parents at the age of 8, but used her intuitive knowlege of the forest to survive. She is very used to being alone. However, she has fallen in love with Blake Waters, after she saved his life using her powers. (She can take away injuries and the memory of the injury and pain. She can give the memory of the injury/pain to someone else, if she wants, but can only do it once per injury.) She has never left the forest, and is always suspicious of anyone besides Blake.. She is very loyal to him, and does not care whether he is male or female physically.

Personality: Kariti is the definition of a slow burn. She is normally calm, sweet, motherly, and had an almost child-like curiosity. However, when someone harms the forest, or attempts to harm Blake, she becomes extremely angry and will use the darker side of her power to punish.

Attributes: Being able to heal injuries, and give their memory back (as described before). weakness is her blind rages and the fact she isn't very well trained in self defense.

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25 Re: Character Application on Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:37 pm

(Can you specify "Dark powers" so I can check the level on them?)

Player Name: Cara
Character Name: Lady Josaphine

Appearance: Long black hair, dark brown eyes (that occasionally turn violet when her powers are used). About 5' 1". She wears white robes, with black and red decorations on the sleeves and cape. She has a petite frame.

Backstory: Josaphine is 15 years old, unaware of where she was born. Her parents traveled to the crater of shadows when she was two, and after the darkness there made them half insane, they performed a dark ritual on her. After they returned to their home, the power from the Crater drove them insane. Josaphine was adopted by her aunt and uncle, and moved to the Crater when she was 12 with her mentor, a 25 year old warlock named Alexander.

Attributes: The ritual left her with prophetic visions, and a possiblity for dark powers. However, those powers are not available to her unless she absolutely needs them. Her weapon of choice is a knife, but her affection for her mentor is one of her largest weaknesses.

Personality: Josaphine is normally cold, reserved, and cautious to trust anyone. She is very strong emotionally, and loves very deeply.

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