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Character Application

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26 Re: Character Application on Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:57 pm

(Great. Approved.)

It's basically a lethal blind rage that strengthens her pain tolerance and destroys any shred of her conscience. She has to be either killed or knocked out.

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27 Re: Character Application on Fri Dec 17, 2010 12:48 am


Name of Player: Dalton

Name of your character: Hiberna

Hiberna seems to be a young man around 5'9". His eyes are a bright aqua color. They almost look like balls of glowing ice. His hair is very white, and his skin is pale. The tone of his body is pretty athletic. He usually wears a large rugged parka and black ripped up jeans. He doesn't wear shoes or socks.

Storyline: Hiberna was a scientific experiment gone wrong, in a sense. There was another experiment that had gone wrong and escaped, and they thought it would not live and they never had the means to look. The group of twisted scientists were hired by the Bloodhound hang to try to make something that could track Blessed Children and beat them. Hiberna was fused with the coldest ice of Dilusion (which was an ice artifact, said to be part of a beings soul), a bear very similiar to a polar bear, and of course, human. He was simply built from scratch and when he was born, they created a boy who could withstand any cold temperatures. Though when they try to introduce heat, to see what would happen it hurt him dearly. Through these tortuous events, when Hiberna was 13, he froze them all, tipped over their bodies, and they broke into several ice pieces, which he then through into a hot climate where they would melt into a mess. From that point on he went to go find where he could not be found. He trekked everywhere and he finally found comfort on a mountain top where it snowed, almost constantly.

Attributes: Hiberna has the ability to control winds around him within a 20 foot radius. This is within normal climate. When in cold climates his body becomes slightly stronger and he can expand this even farther. That it would almost seem someone was in a blizzard. He can also make the air cold around him and at times pin point it. His weakness is obvious. Heat. He can also transform into a polar bear type animal, that it's fur is tiny tiny shards of ice.

Personality: Hiberna is very shy and doesn't like to be bothered. He usually rages when someone comes into his territory that he does not know.

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28 Re: Character Application on Fri Dec 17, 2010 3:11 pm

(Approved with the rewrite.)

Name of Player: Dalton

Name of your character: Lucius Silven

Appearance: 5'8" with white hair, and small streaks of black. He grinned widely most of the time, showing off his teeth. He usually wore a dark navy blue suit with no tie.

Storyline: Lucius traveled into Dilusion with an unknown dimension hopper. Before this, he was an accountant and kept track of all the trades that happened between several vampire families. The trade consisted of lycan slaves, for things such as fine treasure. Lucius did not quite like this, but shrugged it off. At the time Lucius was human until his family was slaughtered by a rival tribe, who worshiped catlike gods. When Lucius went after them, he was outmatched and captured. They bestowed a curse on him that made him turn into a were-tiger. Because his physical body has changed so much, he panicked and ran off until he ran into a harmless man who was eating cake, and walked into a portal. Lucius is a very curious person so he decided to follow him, and found himself being brought to another dimension. Lucius approached the man and questioned him, the man laughed and just beckoned him to come a long and enjoy the ride.

Attributes: The only true power that he has is to be able to turn into a WereTiger. Also when he is not in this form he has two automatic glocks that he uses to fight with. He's very agile and flexible with keen senses.

Personality: He's pretty smart and shows generosity to who ever he encounters, always looking to get a good deal out of anything. He usually falls asleep in strange places, or rather wakes up in strange places. He has found himself in chests, vents, on top of chandeliers, and much more. When brought new information, he usually talks to himself a lot and argues with himself as well.

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29 Re: Character Application on Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:27 pm

(Approved. Cool. =])

Name of Player: Hayleigh

Name of your character: Kamren Chimera

Appearance: Long crimson hair that falls in spirals and ruby colored eyes. She stands around 5'6", her skin pale like a porcelain doll. She typically dresses in white or black. (Usually a black robe that covers her full figure.) Resting on each hip, is a typical style katana (each 5ft in length), one with a white hilt, the other silver.

Storyline: She's always been a rather lively character, but as of lately, she's grown darker and far more listless at times. Her past has been one of hardship, and pain. Her parents had been slain before her eyes, leaving her to fend for herself. She soon came to train herself with her katana's, these blades are rather important to her, for they were her parent's own. Now she wanders, seeming distrustful of most. But at this time, she seems to be always searching for someone, or something.

Attributes: Darker powers, manipulates black fire, but typically restrains from using it all that much. She can force the power into light for healing properties. With much strain on herself. Her weakness, is water. (She can't swim, and instead sinks like a rock.) This is said to be because of the burden of the demon soul she has within. A heart of hidden anger and darkness. Another weakness is her past memories, reliving the pain each time she thinks of them.

Personality: Dark and quick to defend or react at times. Most of the time she is just cautious, and careful of others. When she grows used to people, she is rather quiet and kind. She prefers dark humor, but isn't a fan of truley fighting anyone.

(Sorry about not posting this earlier! )

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30 Re: Character Application on Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:06 pm


Name of Player: Billy

Character: Revin Villiers

Storyline: Revin was never an average child. At a young age his father had given him away to be a squire to a knight. His father did it because he knew his son would be capable of much more then just living a poor mans life. While in the care of the knight Revin had learned all manner of skills, and became rather accomplished actually. He trained with his master everyday and eventually when he became of age his master made him a knight under his command. With this came a good amount of benefits. His own plot of land, a house, and social status. However he still felt empty as if his life was missing something, excitement, adventure. He wanted more. Revin began going off on long journeys helping people who were in need. Everything from slaying a horde of goblins to taking on a dragon. Revin had made quite the name for himself especially since he always did it alone. That's because Revin also had a few special talents. Revin was a cryomancer. Able to control temperature, manipulate moisture, and create ice. He also had kinetic-kinesis. Able to control and manipulate kinetic forces. This proved to be a formidably deadly combination. However on one particular adventure Revin had stumbled onto an old wizard who was being attacked by bandits. Being who he was he immediately jumped into the fray and dispatched the bandits with ease. The wizard had thanked Revin and asked how he could repay his kindness. He told the wizard he wanted new challenges and adventures. He wanted to go somewhere where the people didn't know him, he could start over, and maybe finally find a reason to stop wanting more. The old wizard nodded and smiled. He began chanting and soon a portal opened in front of the two. The wizard said he has no idea where it goes or what Revin should expect. He had created this spell along time ago but was too afraid to try to enter it. Revin thanked the wizard and stepped through the portal. Hurtling through time and space he has no idea where he is going, but maybe he'll finally find a reason to stop wanting more.

Attributes: Cryomancy: Revins cryomancy is rather powerful. He can pull moisture from the surrounding air and manipulate it's form and density to create all manner of shapes and objects. Then by using his control over cold temperatures freeze it making it solid. Also he is able to control the ambient temperature in the air sending it well below freezing and if taken to an extreme reach absolute zero. He is able to use this and form attacks by throwing the much heavier super cooled air at his opponents. He is also able to form barriers of super dense ice in case he needs some cover.

Kinetic-kinesis: For those times when freezing something just doesn't work like against an ice elemental or a fire mage Revin relies on his other talent. Able to control and manipulate kinetic forces Revin can turn a piece of paper into something with the force of a hand grenade, create massive shock waves, even slow his decent if he were to fall from a height that should kill him. Another neat trick is he can actually use it to fix certain types of solid objects. Mainly any types of metals.

Being trained in the martial disciplines of sword fighting it's needless to say Revin's weapon of choice is a sword. He uses a mythril long sword because mythril is able to be charged with all manner of energy types so needless to say he uses it in conjunction with his powers. The blade of the sword is polished and painted to a flat black finish and the hilt is silver in color with black silk wrapping. As for armor Revin prefers to be able to move rather freely so he wears simple studded leather armor.

Personality: Revin has a bit of a short attention span and quick to charge into something head on. He's fun loving and also a big flirt. But he's incredibly loyal and always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

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31 Re: Character Application on Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:38 am

(Approved GOGOGO!)

Name of Player: Bobby

Name of Character: Kogo the Witchdoctor

Appearance: One of the most revered Garrose... Roughly 4'1, dark brown fur with darker brown rings around his tail. Sleepy eyes, and a calm, slight, thoroughly used smile about his young face. ALWAYS wearing a rice hat with neatly hung, evenly spaced adorations encompasing the brim. Aside from the hat, Kogo wears a black and white Aikido Gi with a simple rope belt that hangs evenly by his un-shoed feet. The most prominent feature would be his tail, ending in five mini-tails that are all opposable. Kogo also carries with him two rather large tomes. One, with the history of his people, the Garrose, and the other with every fruit and herb on both Big and Little island... Ever. Alphabetized.

Storyline: Kogo doesn't remember being young. Hell, he doesn't remember what he ate the day before yesterday. But he will always remember the day of the storm, the day his people met judgement.
The day had begun as any, the gentile lapping of the waves against the shore, the tropic breeze caressing his sleepy face. He was entranced. The lulling coos of the village mothers as they sang their island song "Iza Kunda fi fi waohle", kept a constant cheer pulsating throughout the tribe. Though, something was wrong... Kogo looked to the heavens as the storm clouds lumbered ever so menacingly towards the island. Before he could run to his village the alarm had been sounded and the Garrose quickly, but calmly made their way to the huts. As an island people they had dealt with storms such as this one ... or so they thought. Before the last latch had been forced locked, the storm was upon them. Heavy rains pelted the lightly thatched roofs of the garrose huts, but the rains prooved relentless and tore open holes in ceilings forcing families out into the fray. Screams plagued Kogo's ears as he ran through the village, frantically searching for his families hut. All he found were the ruins of his once beautiful home and the crushed bodies of those whom he held dearest to his heart. He was helpless.
A fleeting glimpse of the last of his village running deep into the jungle, fearfull and in pain was all the persuasion he needed. He turned and fell to his knees. Tears streamed down his matted facial fur and soaked into his Gi. There, from the most sincere part of his soul, he pleaded with the storm. He told the god of the ocean Ouseme-Na'haket that his people would erect monuments and pay their respects to the Gods of old if he would call off this hurricane.

They had reached a deal.

The storm ended abruptly and the villagers returned to their destroyed homes and mourned the deceased. Kogo was met with awe and thanks as the remaining tribes people returned and caught news of his heroism. There was alot of work that needed doing, but Kogo had more pressing business to attend to. After working for two days and two nights, Kogo (with the help of vines and a slew of tribesmen) proudly erected the first of many Totems to the ocean god, Ouseme-Na'haket, on the now forever peaceful southern shores of Big Island.

Attributes: Garrose have developed a style of fighting that they call the "Taku" Which is a balanced style focusing on speed and deliberately exicuted strikes. As a very acrobatic style that demands peek physical stamina and a samurai resolve. This style is only widely used among the Garrose tribes. Aside from his hand to hand combat, Kogo is a very versatile swordsman who weilds a crisp, dark blue katana, adorned with various sea shells and "shinies" as he and the other Garrose call them.
Kogo has catalogued every plant and fruit and the effects of them once ingested. Some give him strength or help quicken healing while others...well...get him "Psychedeically plastered" (to put it lightly). Kogo has taken a fond interest in the "jubjub plumb" which is a highly intoxicating fruit from the jubjub tree (he carries a generous pouch of these on his rope belt) along with many other small pouches, each with a powerful fruit or herb in it. This book he carries on a chain slung at his side along with the Garrose historical annex.

Personality: Rather relaxed and layedback, Kogo would rather fish than fight. But if he must, to defend his people or his honor he will come at you with the fury of an uncaged panther. Hopefully he will just knock you out and shove a jubjub plumb in your mouth and be done with it...but dont test him. Though he may not look it, he is a very proud individual who spiritually leads his people through this time of rebuilding, and peace.

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32 Re: Character Application on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:53 am

(Approved. GO!)

Name of Player: Alex

Name of your character: Ven Furai

Appearance: About 5'11. Short blonde hair, bright green eyes that remain glossy most of the time due to the damn booze. From the outside he seems pretty weak, what with almost no muscle mass but he's as quick as a whip. Skin is a slight tan from passing out in the sun one too many times. He usually wears a black sleeveless shirt under a brown leather jacket with several pockets. His pants are a stained tan with black marks and tares, and around his waste is a old tool belt with several old and broken tools. His shoes are worn and barely wearable. He also has several old, dirty bandages caked in dried blood and grease. In one hand is usually a bottle of some sort of alcohol and the other has one of several tools he uses to keep the Avarice afloat. Inside his coat somewhere is a simple handgun, unloaded.

Storyline: Lets get one thing straight, Ven is a drunk, always was one and always will be. But he is the best damn mechanic out there. He grew up in a coastal town under the eye of his grandfather since his parents left him on the street when he was 2. His grandpa tought him how to work in his shop fixing all manners of things, from guns to ships, to cars. Unfortunatly Ven stumbled into drinking at an early age and hasnt put the bottle down since. Not that it hampers his mechanic skill. Might not be pretty the way he fixes it but he gets it done. When his grandfather passed away he sold the shop and headed out looking for a real reason to go on, for the shop and grandpa kept him going.

While Ven was passed out in one random port out of many he was stumbled about by Captain Shay McClaren who realized Ven's talents and took him aboard as a member of the Seven Sins.

Attributes: Ven, while in his drunken stupor, came up with way of fighting hand to hand that allows him to use minimal effort to the maximum. One example is that he will slowly just barely avoid a punch to let an enemy fall into a bar or a stool and hurt himself. People say he looks just like a drunk that gets lucky every time, but thats his fighting style my friends.

His night vision is also something that is incredable. It was just something he was born with and has never been able to explain it. He can literly see it pitch black night or darkness.

He also likes to build weapons or vehicals that are crazy and not too practical that work maybe once before they fall apart. He can build anything, fix anything and modify anything ya need and thats what he lives for.

Personality: He is either in a drunken haze or energetic as hell, running around building or fixing. He is one much for a beer than a fight. Tends to also stick by himself working in his shop or in the engine room fixing the ship. Hes pretty out going when his is drunk and likes to show it.

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33 Re: Character Application on Thu Dec 23, 2010 3:30 pm

(You didn't follow the character app, and it's going to be interesting watching you fight, but approved.)

Character name: Blaire
Character's powers: Manipulates the emotions of adversaries, can change feelings into the opposite of what they are originally, usually uses powers to change feelings of hate to love, anger/agression to calmness, that sort of thing, which stops fights from happening (and makes it unecessary for her to fight, which is something she really can't do well...like at all...).
Personality: Is a peace loving person, who would prefer all fighting and violence to stop! For everyone's good! And...also to save her own hide from all the people with powers and fighting skills which she does not possess. If everyone were peacful and happy, loving life like herself, she wouldn't have to worry, they would all be friends, and she could probably get them all to use their powers to amuse her. (In a completely harmless, if maybe self serving, manner). She does not tie herself down to one place for too long, preffering to travel the land forever, so as to rid the land of all violence (and, maybe also to get away from all the people in places she's been who have realized she's manipulated them...staying in one place too long with angry magical/strong/otherwise dangerous people on your tail is probably not a good idea.)

Backstory: She grew up in a family of nomads and when she reached 16 she went her own way. In order to protect his duaghter her father gave Blaire an amulet that gave her her powers. As long as she wears this amulet she has her powers. She never takes it off. If Blaie is in one place for over a few days she becomes anxious and will become more anxious until she sets off to move again. Her mother and father were peace loving people so Blaire grew up with the same values but in a slightly twisted way. She will gain peace at any means even if it means maniuplating others. She will also use her ability to get food and board if she has no money, which most the time she does not have. There has been a person following her since she was given the amulet and left home. She does not know who it is but if they find her she knows they will most likely kill her and take the amulet. She is now wandering the forest to escape the man following her and to find somewhere new.

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34 Re: Character Application on Sun Dec 26, 2010 8:30 pm


Player Name: Bobby
Character: Agron Thorir Ingvald Asgaut, Steadfast Slayer of the Boggan.

Appearance: Stands 6'13, and he wont tell you otherwise. Incredibly muscular build with two dark brown, shoulder blade length braids. Those, paired with his single braided beard make him quite the sight to behold... by lesser men. He is a reknowned hunter, riddled in scars and covered in the pelts of trophys from adventures past. On his waist he has two massive one handed axes, very worn from years of banging against his thighs; He barely uses them. Instead, he utilizes a massive double barrel "gut buster" that slings massive slugs, comparatively a bit smaller than a beer can. And he carries these bullets on three leather belts, one slung loosely around his waist and the others crossed on his chest. His gun is primarily barrels and gears, those and the occasional steam piston, make it one hell of a hell-sender. The stock and hairline trigger are made of an exotic hardwood from Ingvaldir, his homeland. And hanging from the butt of the gun are various teeth, feathers...etc...His grizzled face and low hanging brow are only trumped in their ferocity by the set of hardwood steam carbine pistols, one sitting just off his left hip and the other, tucked snuggly under his right arm.

Attributes: As an amazing tracker, Agron's senses are insanely well intune, to the point that he has been known to track an animal just on its fear of him. His marksmanship goes unchallenged, hitting a full grown house fly from many yards, some say even miles away. He is also very intune with his surroundings, and being a hunter he has been known to tame and keep wild beasts as companions. One of them being his Roc, Aiglos...a legendary falcon-like bird with a wingspan that of the girth of the largest whale. That and his incredible strength and stamina make him a force to be reckoned with.

Backstory: Not much of one. Was raised in a small village in the shadows of Mt. Adernassus. Once he become of age he left the village to embark on his own spiritual journey, for the wilderness and mountains called to him. (((his story will progress as the boggan story progresses)))

Personality: Furious, Calm, and Collected. With caring undertones.

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35 Re: Character Application on Mon Jan 03, 2011 2:59 am

(Dude. fill out the friggin' character app. -.-')

Zent A young man
Age 17
Height average
His family died when he was 10 reasons : unknown

Thats all i have known and i live by it i only trust those whom i deem fit worthy of being trusted if not then i shut them out nobody will know my past Few know my pain. the phisical.. The mental Yet why must my race have become extinct Mearly because of the wings we carry Or is there more My goal is to find out why my race was slaughtered And take revenge

Weapons/Abilities : He generally uses his hands to fight, how ever has an ability that allows him to travel close to the speed of light, this ability however only lasts a few seconds (for people that move at a normal speed) and drains a ton of energy, As a result Zent is required to sleep for 2 days strait. A deep sleep that he cannot be woken up from and is rendered completely vulnerable.

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36 Re: Character Application on Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:30 pm


Name of Player: Ashe

Name of your character: Lamia Icterictus ( formerly, Mary Saint George)

Appearance: Lamia is very old, and given the craft she has chosen and her decisions up to this point, she has undergone a myriad of changes that have severely altered her physical appearance. When she was young and still with a degree of innocence, she was a fair child, dark of hair, pale of skin, with a patrician's nose and lips like the innermost petals of a rose. When she began to dabble in the craft, she suffered a severe repurcussion on behalf of a witch's daughter, and as punishment, was severely disfigured. Her jaw dropped like that of a beast's, and her teeth became razor-sharp, ugly fangs that she often concealed behind a veil. Her hands became animal claws. Formerly vain, she was deeply troubled by this transformation, and isolated herself in order to perfect her craft, but due to a recent chain of events involving "sir" Svulkaine, her appearance has been more or less returned to normal, with subtle differences. She CARRIES herself like a monstrosity, however, and is most disoriented given that she had finally resigned herself to disfiguration.

Storyline: Once upon a time, in a miniscule little serfdom, there lived a nobleman's daughter by the name of Mary Saint George. She was selfish, lacked empathy, and was most hated by both the peasants under the service of Lord Saint George, and the fellow noble families, as well. Mary was vain, cruel, and prone to violent outbursts, and regardless of the fact that everyone around her seemed to notice this, she thought so very highly of herself that her own behaviour escaped her. A day came when a winter was harsh, and the crop that had been yielded quickly depleted. What little was left was rotting, and though the noble circle was well off, the peasants quickly succumbed to a bout of hunger and plague. Mary's mother, being a woman of God, took her along to give to the serfs one day, and what she saw absolutely horrified her. Stricken with the realization of her own mortality, she immediately became obsessed with finding a means of extending it.
Rumours reached the serfdom of a Countess who was murdering virgins and bathing in their blood, replenishing her own flesh in the process. Mary soon became obsessed with that idea, as well, and finally, when the snows began to yield to muds, she copied the Countess and took the life of a woman she saw gathering herbs by the riverside. She not only lathered herself in the blood that spurted from her jugular, she drank of her, as well, in order to ensure her own success.
Unfortunately for Mary (OOC: and, this is of course paraphrasing on my part, extremely so) the woman in question had not only NOT been a virgin (indeed, had a daughter) but was the village witch, as well. The DAUGHTER in question witnessed Mary's atrocious act by the riverside, but let well enough alone. It was not until later that she cursed her, cursed her with animal teeth and claws, in order to punish her for her vanity. Once her family, the noble circle, and the rest of the village learned of Mary's disfiguration and subsequent deed, she was excommunicated from the church and banished.
Helplessly wandering the countryside, Mary soon began to share company with others who had been excommunicated, and soon came into contact with those who practiced a craft that at that point was only a whisper, a rumour, a blasphemy.
The idea fascinated her. Having no regard for others, she had no qualms with taking the lives of others in order to extend her own. It took a very long time and a great deal of practice, sacrifice, and further disfiguration, but she became a master of the craft, despite the fact that she'd completely isolated herself in the process. She made herself a home guarded with animated corpse puppets deep in the grove and offered her services to select few individuals, making a rumour and a ghost out of herself. Having achieved extended life, she changed her name. Lamia Icterictus-the jaundiced witch.
Recently (and once again, paraphrasing) she offered her services to one Svulkaine Locke, which was most likely the gravest error she had ever made in her long, sickened life. A chain of events removed her disfiguration, but, unfortunately...also her freedom.

Chief weapons: Claws, sacrificial knives, Necromancy-related magick.
Lamia is a master Necromancer and therefore extremely skilled in various forbidden magicks. She namely specializes in potions that can cause a myriad of ailments towards the human body and soul, and has a large variety of differently sized glass bottles crammed together on her many shelves. Weaker things, such as animals, can be murdered and controlled like puppets. Corrupted human souls can be sewn to their bodies and completely bent to her control. Being a creature completely devoid of empathy, she has no qualms with performing even the most profane acts in order to achieve her ends.
Though highly specialized in dark magicks, she is not in the least bit schooled in white magick.
Recent events involving Svulkaine have severely altered her abilities.

Personality: Having once been a vain, spoiled individual who thought herself above others--well, she still thinks she's above others. Her vanity has subsided substantially, but she speaks to others condesendingly, is not prone to kindess of any sort and in general, is a nasty bitch if she can help it. It's a wonderful defense mechanism.

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37 Re: Character Application on Tue Jan 25, 2011 6:35 pm

(Lulz. Approved.)

Player Name: Cara
Character Name: Susan

Appearance: 5' 1" and 3/4. Petite with shoulderlength straight brown hair, white skin, and eyes that never settle on one color. She has a warm smile and has the muscles of a dancer.

Backstory: Susan was born to a kind family, and was taught from a young age to never risk her life, and to always strive to be the best at everything. They had enough money to be comfortable but not enough that she was completely spoiled. Now a teenager, she has begun growing tired of constantly being sheltered and wants some adventure.

Attributes: She is smart enough to stay alive in a fight/battle. (However, she cannot fight too well.) Her main attribute is her healing capabilities. While she is no witch, she learned how to heal many injuries while at home and is more than capable at saving someone's life.

Personality: Susan is willing to trust anyone, but once betrayed she will never let a grudge go. The biggest part of her personality is her heart, which is both a blessing and curse to her. She is emotional, passionate, stubborn, and forever loyal to her friends.

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