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Little Island

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1Little Island Empty Little Island on Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:02 pm


Little Island is the more residential, less commercial half of the Garrose Islands. The Garrose come here to fish, swimming over with their surfboards every two hours to trade shifts and to carry the food over to Big Island for the customers. Most of them actually live here. Huts can be seen, along with fields of fishing poles in the water at most hours until dusk.

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2Little Island Empty Re: Little Island on Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:41 pm

Calloused hands at the oar, its movements cutting cleanly through the calm oceans off of the coast of little island. His strokes bore no wasted movement, alternating from one side of his canoe to the next, keeping her steady as he went undaunted by the lengthy journey. Behind him the sun was taking it's last breath, it's exhale spewing pink into the sky and painting his silhouette an orange color. The day was at long last done and so was his journey. Saito Sozen stopped paddling when he was close enough to the shoreline and hopped out of his canoe.

"Well, here we are, Katsu. That was a long ass fucken boat ride, I can't believe I listened to your mad ramblings about buried treasure around here." He muttered to the sentient sword as he walked his canoe towards land.

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3Little Island Empty Re: Little Island on Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:07 am

-A dark figure sat alone along the ever dimming shoreline. Their body, adorned in a mass of black. A hood hung low upon the person's face, leaving everything to question of their figure. Where they sat, a pole was resting across their lap. A fishing pole by the looks of it, but with no catch to it's name. The hooded figure sat with their head low, perhaps with dismay, or perhaps they had so simply fallen asleep, leaving them unaware of the area around them. The only sound to be heard, were the weak waves that touched the shore every now and again with a steady rocking. Perhaps what had lulled this being to sleep so easily in the open.-

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4Little Island Empty Re: Little Island on Wed Dec 22, 2010 7:20 am

[i]He breathed heavily from the effort but at last he reached the shore line. Hands outstretched plucked the canoe from the ocean and took it upon the sand, once there he stretched his aching back and shoulders. That was the longest boat ride ever. I should be doing what that lad over there is doing right about now. A good long nap! He said to no one in particular, well, maybe he was just whining to the bastard who made him row all the way here from where ever they were before. He took a closer look at the person sleeping, wondering maybe if the fellow was a local. Maybe whoever that is could point him to a place to get some grub, after that long journey Saito was sure he could eat a full grown dinosaur. But alas he could hardly bring up the courage to wake someone up from a peaceful slumber. "Bah, we should just journey up ahead, we're bound to find a coconut tree or something for food, eh?"

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5Little Island Empty Re: Little Island on Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:13 pm

-If the man had watched closely, he would have caught the faint movement from the figure. A shifting beneath the hood, their hidden face turning as they attempted to listen to the crazed old man that seemed to be talking to himself. Perhaps from drinking the salt water. Another shift that could have been noted with a careful eye would have been the shifting of where the figures shoulders would be within this mass of black. Perhaps stretching from sitting there so long, or even preparing themself if the rambling man truly was mad. One could only be so careful, regardless the cloaked figure planned to let the man make his move, rather than jump to action.-

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6Little Island Empty Re: Little Island on Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:48 am

'Coconut tree?' Came Katsu's reply, frustration soaked within the echoing syllables in his head. 'That person's got a better idea. Let's go fishing!' "Fishing eh? Hmmm...that ain't a bad idea, man." 'Well of course it ain't!' "Shutup!" He stopped midway upon the sand, his canoe not too far away, and turned toward the stranger in the cloak. Looked like the person had a fishing pole, and since he ain't usin' it...

Saito walked on over, as silent as an ox walking on bubble wrap, but luckily the ocean's waves cloaked his loud stalking. He did so on purpose, aiming to have the person wake up and then ease into asking for the fishing pole. Of course he wouldn't steal it! Once close enough he cleared his throat, once, twice, a third time for good luck, each one louder then the last. "Nice night tonight, eh!?" His voice echoed toward the far off horizon and back again, truth in his words as his eyes found the setting sun's pink light spewed onto the sky, a final hoorah for our great sky orb, he thought to himself and smiled. "Nice night, indeed..."

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7Little Island Empty Re: Little Island on Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:51 am

-The figure tensed as they must have caught sight of the man nearing. Hearing the loud throat clearing only made it all the more obvious, though that seemed to be what the crazed man wanted. Attention, well, the figure would give it. With a quick shift and no sound but the cloak rustling, the figure was now assumed to be standing. Only around 5' 6" or so, the sand giving or taking a few inches, their figure slim and not very threatening. Of course, in their hurry to defend themself, they had grabbed the handle of the fishing pole, and not the hilt of thier hidden blade beneath the cloak. Now the babbling stranger would possibly find himself at the end of a rickety fishing pole, not the battle worn blade the hidden figure had intended. Their voice now sounded among the waves, first strong, but as the realization of the fishing pole it seemed to crack into a question.-
"Don't come any...closer...? Eh...well..s-stay back..."
-The figure had assumed a deep tone at first, but even their guise had faded, their true voice sounding. It was soft and gentle, like the waves themselves. Even as warm as the sunset, a female most likely, or perhaps a young boy.-

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